What is Career and Life Coaching?

Career and Life Coaching is providing a professional service where I use a solution focused approach to help you define what you want out of life. I might assign readings, encourage goal setting and utilize career assessments to help you achieve your future plans.  You decide which direction you want your life and career to go in while I provide information and guidance on how to make that happen!

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Are you job searching and need help with professional resume and cover letters? I love writing these for all job searchers, whether you are just out of school or highly experiences. My specialty is using transferable skills and tailoring your documents to the job description.

Job Search Ideas and Assistance

If you are job searching or looking for that better career path, then you MUST work with me as I understand the job market well and can assist you in moving forward with your life. Are you tired of your current job? Are you treading water in life? I will provide you with many ideas and how to land that job you desire.

Next Steps…

Contact me for assistance by calling or texting me at 605-929-3282 OR emailing me at